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[BACKPOST] JavaMail & Testing

At work today, I found a killer combination!!!

For sending email from Java applications, I downloaded the Jakarta Commons Email project. This JAR file aims at simplifying the JavaMail interface. It’s cool, like only 6 lines or so to send a decent short email…

Now, what goes hand-in-hand with this that makes it killer is Dumbster, a Java, open source, in-memory, email testing SMTP server. It is set up only to recieve emails, and is able to return the headers and contents of any emails that it recieved.

Now, my apps can send emails, and I can test it robustly!

So, the Commons Email project is hosted by Apache, so there’s no worry about it wasting away into obscurity.

Dumbster, however, is different. It’s SourceForge page has very little traffic, and the current version (1.6) was released about a year ago.