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Location Disparity


I’ve gotten one offer so far, and I’m expecting at least one, if not two, more. But, what I can say is that just by moving to the Bay Area, my salary is rising by about 40%. That is 1.4 times what I was making in the Boulder/Longmont area.

Yeah, the "cost of living" here is probably disproportionately even more expensive, but since I am trying to reduce my "fiscal footprint", it works out quite well for me.

In other news, my friend Ryan just got a job offer where he is at in London. He’ll probably be doing work in ActionScript/Flex/Flash, but I believe there’s a market for that over here as well. (At least, a quick search in SF Bay area for "ActionScript" returned a healthy number of hits…)

Personally, I’ve tried to shy away from Flash-type stuff. It has always seemed to be more of a front-side, "designer"-type concern. That, and the fact that accessibility is a problem for Flash-based stuff.