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Damn! Has it already been a week?!?

Sorry for the lack of posting… Life has been pretty crazy here, what with all the settling in and all…

As of yesterday, I have officially accepted a position with PlanetOut Inc. I had gone back to discuss some of the mentoring/training aspects of the company, and also got to have a meeting with the new (really new… Like day 13 new…) CTO. He was really cool, and I have a strong desire to help him achieve his goals for PlanetOut.

I am done working with ICAT on this Friday. I am trying to continue being a productive team member right up until I leave, but it gets really challenging on the last couple of days. Luckily, I’ve had a couple of projects that I am actually interested in to keep my mind "on-task".

I will have all of next week off, as a sort of non-paid mini-vacation. I’ll be using the time to settle into my newest place, which I plan to nail down tomorrow. (I have to get out of my previous "new place" because it turns out that I cannot stand it. The place I picked out has just enough floorspace, closet space, and bathroom space for me to be comfortable, without being extravagant.

On of the other crappy things that happened was that I just dropped my BlackBerry… Nothing too egregious, just from hip height. The back popped off, and the battery popped out. When I put it all back together, it all seemed to work, until you tried to make a phone call. So, I went to the T-Mobile store, the techs there tried a bit of trouble-shooting, but it was definitely the phone not working. They said I could try going through BlackBerry, but would want to omit the "drop" factor, and if I went through T-Mobile’s replacement dealy, it would cost me about $120 or so… So, I sucked it up, and got me a brand new T-Mobile Dash. It’s got a phone (which I didn’t think I wanted before I got to SF…), instant messaging, web browser, and all the bells and whistles. I’m just slightly skeeved out because it is a Windows CE base. At least I know I can put mini-Opera on it! And maybe use the mobile Gmail… We’ll see how it all comes out. The other added benefit is that I automatically get T-Mobile’s WiFi service wherever they offer it. (Starbucks, some airports, etc…) Oh, and I also got insurance. I don’t know how I got talked out of it in the past, but for the "higher end" phones, I think the insurance stuff is a REALLY good idea!