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Apologies... And JavaOne Updates.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa… Been so busy with settling in here in SF that I have totally neglected this here blog… I aim to change that, for this week at the very least, while I attend JavaOne.

Today was my first session at JavaOne-proper. (I did a different free session last night that I will post about in a bit…) In comparison to the No Fluff Just Stuff series, JavaOne is HUUGE. They definitely have a lot of their "system" down, but I dislike that the conferences are in chairs without table/desk space. At NFJS, I could whip out my laptop to take notes or to blog if I wanted to… Here: not so much.

One thing that I’ve realized I need to do: order some business cards. There’s lots of "networking" to do here at JavaOne (and in SF in general), so I need to have a better way of giving out my contact info than saying "D’you have a pen?"

‘Nuff for now, will post about the sessions so far…