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Domain-Specific Languages

So, this morning I had a bit of trouble getting checked in due to the Accounting Department not sending the conference registration check in time. Ugh. So, I was a bit late and didn’t make it into the JRuby session.

However, I did get to sit in on the Domain-Specific Languages talk, also given by Neal Ford.

It basically boiled down to the fact that by clever engineering of your classes, you can enable long method chaining and "appropriate" names for the domain-specific functions that you may want to show off, even to business users. One of the major tricks is that for "setters" (though you’ll want to name them better than that), you don’t do it as a "void", you perform the operation on the object and then have it return "this". (A.k.a. the object being modified itself.)

That later parts of the session got into kookie sky-high level, almost-4GL, frameworks or systems… But I doubt the ability for the "market" to pick up this "way out" concept. (And I’ve only ever heard bad things about 4GL papers….)

Ok… I’m gonna try to take a quick nap before my next session…