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GWT - It Is Soooo Pretty!

TS-6475 Google Web Toolkit

Some of the more abstract stuff they talked about:

  • Pushing state to the client. (I have to wonder at the security concerns…)
  • Trying for a stateless server. (Really? Can it really be achieved?)

They had some really nice (and holistic) advice about using GWT: Don’t completely change the web experience. "We don’t want to re-teach our parents". Basically, I agree with them: we should be capitalizing on the pre-existing body of knowledge that our users are familiar with. An example: keep history support!

They also mentioned some really interesting ways they are able to capitalize on browser caching, both for the generated JS files, as well as for some image caching. It looks to really be a boost for performance.

Another cool aspect of their project: Existing GWT apps can benefit from the most recent developments, mostly from just recompiling. Now THAT is a fairly easy upgrade path!

On a personal note: WOW! I am completely smitten with GWT. It is really pretty, and enables a beautiful and easy(/easier?) way to put great looking sites up. I really want to get my hands wet with it soon!