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JavaOne - Day Two Lunchtime Posting

A good night’s sleep does wonders for a mushy brain!

Tangential Learnings

So, one thing that I am noticing about the different speakers and presenters that I admire is that they are tinkerers. I think I am more of a reader and doer than a tinkerer. In my estimation, the difference is that a tinkerer is okay with stuff not working, at least on their first try. I am not so good at that. I am not good at failing. I always try to over-learn (book-wise) before I actually sit down to type. What is the old expresssion? "You learn more from your mistakes than from your successes." I really need to embrace this concept. I don’t know if this reticence comes from being under-challenged in my younger life, or that I’ve technologically "grown up" in the enterprise world, but I’m gonna have to start working on it…

Another thing, I have to modify the way I’m taking notes here. Sometimes I get really motivated and mis-directedly start copying down info from the slides. I gotta remember that the slides are accessible (or will be) and I don’t need to reinvent those wheels. What should be important to me is realizations I have during the presentations… That’s what’s important to keep track of…

BOF-6825 - Testing Web 2.0 (…)

This session, that kept me away from home until 11PM at night was really not worth it. The first guy showed a recording of him using Selenium IDE, but it was very superficial. I also think that the guy giving the talk hadn’t used Selenium a whole lot, and he gave a couple of misleading (in my esteem) answers to some questions.

The rest of the talk didn’t really thrill me. It was basically a way of Sun shoving NetBeans down our throats again. I’m not too surprised by this, since I’ve heard from former co-workers and former Sun developers that is how Sun handles their developers as well…

TS-7080 - Open Source SOA Realized

This was a so-so talk. It didn’t really thrill me, but I did take the time to ruminate on SOA in light of the new architecture project at work. I think maybe an ESB should be a part of the way we are turning everything into a "service".

One thing that I should look into: "soapUI" for WSDL/SOAP testing. And maybe "portlets" too.

TS-2689 - Effective Java Reloaded

Josh Bloch. I had never heard him speak before, but he is really good. I picked up a good amount of understanding of Generics from the talk.

One of the specific points that Josh brought up was using a "builder" pattern for objects that need to be instatiated with lots of discrete inputs, and with which internal consistencies need to be protected. This totally happened to me in the past, and I’m gonna keep that pattern in mind.

A lot of the stuff he went over was kinda way over my head… Maybe mostly because I haven’t used Generics in a production system yet. (Though I will be, soon…)

From the Q&A:

  • Josh also advocates the use of the "final" keyword for member variables, but not for method parameters or temporary variables. Gotta watch out for serialization, however…
  • "Final" classes are a decent idea, because it means "I haven’t thought about this class enough to know if it would be good to extend." You can always take off the "final" modifier… However, you can’t do the inverse.