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JavaOne - Day Three Afternoon Posting...

TS-7755 Advanced Spring

Spring is a cool technology, and it seems that everyone is using it, at least in some fashion. This talk went over some basic stuff that I kind of already knew, at least from somewhat of a distance. Towards the end, it got a bit more into the new stuff and new ways to apply it… That’s when I perked up and took some notes.

‘Acegi’ is being renamed to ‘Spring Security’, and Rod said it was because no one knew how to pronounce it.

OSGi is a technology that coordinates the modularity in several existing projects, most notably Eclipse. Spring is incorporating this into their portfolio. This should help modularity of applications within an app server. It will also help to eliminate classloader issues as it will isolate each OSGi module into their own classloaded environments.

Rod also suggested that "anyone using Spring in Eclipse should be using the Spring IDE".

TS-9861 Java Refactoring

I like the way this talk started. The presenter (from Sun) specifically said that he wasn’t there to shill NetBeans, it’s just the environment that he uses. I liked this much better than every other Sun presentation where it was just an assumption that everyone in the world uses their stupid IDE.

This was also the second talk where I had heard that the concept of "refactoring" is growing to include a greater set of tools over time. Since the standard definition of refactoring includes **not** changing the external functionality of code, the presenter prefers to use the term "reengineering" to talk about "refactorings" that may also affect external usage of the code.

One of the other cool things he talked about was that the Javac compiler is open enough to give out the abstract semantic tree to whatever IDE vendors, so they can start delivering better, cooler, and more functional reenginnering/refactorings.

Tangential Learnings

Look into AP Grapher / AP Scanner as a way to look at network connectivity on my Mac. This stupid Interface Connect is just not functional enough.