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JavaOne - Day Three Lunchtime Posting...

TS-4568 JPA Portability

I don’t know why I keep going to these JPA-targeted sessions. (Actually I do know why… The JRuby session was full…)

At least they have realized that the spec has come up short, and v.2.0 should be coming out soon. But it still frustrates me that they like to make tiny digs at their vendors (Hibernate).

TS-2656 JMX

I liked this session, though I did have to leave for a bio break.

Some of the products they talked about:

  • JConsole - bundled with the JDK
  • jManage - provides a web view of JMX endpoints
  • Glassbox - a pretty cool product using Aspects & JMX to report on performance of your app

Personally, I could see a lot of uses for JMX for monitoring stuff. However, I think there is an anti-pattern that should be discussed regarding JMX. Do *not* use JMX to do too much configuration of your systems in an enterprise-app… My reason is this: how do you know you are on the same version from environment to environment? (Example: If you use JMX to modify your DB access point, you might not capture that difference between Production & QA.)

Does anyone know of anyone talking about this anti-pattern anywhere?