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San Francisco and Creativity

As I was meandering around the city today, I was contemplating some of the weird stuff I’ve seen out here… Then I got to pondering about the impact of all the weirdness…

I had to ask myself a question: Does all the stuff distract me from my life, or detract from my career aspirations?

After thinking about it, I have to adamantly say "No!" All the stuff that goes on around me only serves to inspire me, and more importantly, empowers me.

Here is one example: Whereas I used to be fairly timid in my contributions to open source projects, I’m not so timid anymore. I’m throwing (good) stuff out there, hoping to make my life and the lives of others easier.

There are even other aspect that I am developing, not just my technology career skills. How ‘bout art projects that involve some engineering? How about managing different social group schedules? How ‘bout volunteering on safety teams for industrial art installations?

In the end this city, and the social/technical environment, are helping me to grow not only in depth (in my career), but also helping me to grow in breadth.

I love San Francisco!