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The Filbert Steps

Here’s a bit of trivia: When following the Filbert Steps up from Sansome to Coit Tower, you take (approximately) 444 steps.

(This is not the count of ‘strides’, just actual stair-steps, to get to the top.)

I walk this hill most days on my lunch break. It’s a pretty nice way to clear the head in the middle of the day. And, since I’m a numbers kind of guy, I used sign-language counters (hundreds on left hand, tens on right hand, and 0-9 in my head / under my breath) to count the steps on my way down a couple of times.

I also found that the 1/4 mark is right near the transition from concrete steps to wood ones. The 1/2 mark is right near the big fire hydrant and F.D. storage box just underneath Montgomery Street. And, the 3/4 mark is right by the landing next to a fence labelled "Dalla Torre" (which I realized is part of a restaurant).