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Color Me a Maven Apologist

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa…

So, just before I was going home last night, I happened upon this page in the Maven documentation that makes a quick reference to *.wtpmodules. "Hrm…?" I said to myself…

I looked at it a bit more this morning and found how to pass in a secret little parameter to the eclipse:eclipse command to get WTP support.

I regenerated the Eclipse project in my little test app, and didn’t see much difference. However, when I refreshed my project in Eclipse, the icon for the project changed. "Hrm…?" I said to myself again…

Okay… So, next I searched the Eclipse site and found instructions for setting up servers for dynamically running a web app right out of the editor.

I tried it all out and guess what: It WORKED!

In Other News

Some background: I had previously suggested we look into AppFuse as an app-starter, but my supervisor (Eric) had pretty quickly told me to leave that alone as he’d had a bad experience with it. So, this morning Eric came up to me, looking kinda sheepish to talk about AppFuse. Imagine my surprise! Eric said he pulled down AppFuse last night to take a quick look at it. He really liked what he had seen in the 2.X version, and he was continuing to evaluate it.


Yesterday I felt horrible, like I had gone to a funeral for a friend. But this morning, Maven and some related technologies are back on the discussion table… In the span of one day our use of Maven has gone from (approximate) death to a re-birth. I’m thinking that I should name my efforts to adopt Maven "Phoenix"?!?


So, we are now back onto a path where Maven has a shot of being adopted, but only just barely. What can I pull away from this experience?:

  1. This is the second company in a row where I’ve championed Maven. This time Maven is fairing a bit better, but Maven adoption has been (and continues to be) a hard sell. I have no idea why I am so eager to tie my reputation so closely to being a champion for Maven.
  2. As a community, we need to come up with much better documentation around Maven.
  3. I’m not sure why I am so reluctant to use the user list… Maybe I’ve gotten too many glib and overly concise responses before. (Maybe I’ll do an experiment: I could post my question and see what kind of help I get, compared to the "answer" that I have found on my own. I’ll let you know what I find…)