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GCal Bug

I think I found my first actual bug in Google Calendar.

I don’t consider myself a ‘power user’ of GCal, so I don’t think I test the limits of it very often, so I was surprised when I did find this bug.

Now, I am trying to submit all this info to Google as a bug report, but I can’t seem to find a way to email them… How very frustrating. Maybe I’m supposed to post it to a forum, but I feel that is a back-handed way of saying “You messed up, post to the forum so other people can straighten you out.” I have a legitimate bug, and I don’t want to be talked out of submiting it.

The Bug

Here’s my screenshot: gcal_highlight

Here are my specific steps:

  1. Start from the ‘weekly’ view, with Aug 4 (today) highlighted.
  2. Hit the ‘Create Event’ link from the upper left.
  3. Enter the description.
  4. Go to the date field, and use the pop up calendar to navigate to November, and select Nov 1st. (No reason for that date…)
  5. Click the ‘All Day’ checkbox.
  6. From the ‘Repeats’ dropdown, choose yearly.
  7. Viola!
  8. (If you toggle the ‘all day’ button again, the display fixes itself…)

Now, this doesn’t actually negatively affect anything in the long run, because the event gets posted correctly… But it did give me a half-second of head-scratching…

Now, off to post to the forum…?