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My Session: Functional Web Testing With SeleniumIDE

My Session at BarCampBlock

Here is the link to my presentation. (It’s in presentation format.)

So, I believe I did a decent job of presenting some of these concepts, given the technical difficulties I experienced.

I had never done a presentation off of my MacBook before, so when time came to hook up to the projector, I did not have the little translation dongle that matches MacBooks with standard projector connections. Ugh!

So, I did the session while standing up, and holding my laptop up to show the slides. Some of the questions led me to believe that I may have skimmed over the full Selenium suite a bit too fast, but I was on a deadline… (Y’know?)

In the end, standing up, one-handed trying to navigate SeleniumIDE, I think it flustered me enough that I didn’t do such a great job with the demo I had planned. Luckily, after the presentation time had elapsed, there were 3 or 4 people who hung back, and I gave them a better showcase of the power of Selenium.

So, all in all, I’m probably not ‘polished’ enough for a big conference, but for a less formal un-conference, I think I did a decent job.