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I like the anti-session ideas presented here to help out with web site performance: (My summary: DONT use sessions. If we are only holding 2-3 chunks of information, then put them into a cookie (with an MD5 hash to prevent user munging) and use that for identity, thereby freeing you of session information. This solution is just as secure as sessions, as both are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, because a session ID is stored in a cookie anyways…)

The "father" of RDBMS’s now likes column-based DB’s: (Uses Google’s column-based DB as one example…)

Use views (and other techniques) to preserve good DB design, while also providing the functionality that your client wants…:

Correlating good grades to good working performance?: (D’oh! I was one of those that always did a bit less well in the non-technical classes… I think now, however I would do fairly well…)