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"Monetization" - Controversial or Inconsequential

I hate advertising. I really do. I would love it if some U.S. cities would adopt a similar policy as Sao Paulo.

In all my personal contributions to technology and technology culture, I have eschewed advertising. I have no advertising on this blog, nor on the other blogs I have had a hand in creating. I prefer the content to speak for itself.

But, every once in a while, when I spend myself into a bit of a tight spot, I wonder if I should add the advertising, just to pay the bills. Maybe just to cover a portion of my hosting cost?

I can rationalize: to the chagrin of marketing people, most internet users are "ad-blind". I know I don’t even see the ads on the right hand side of GMail. Who would I be hurting? The ads will be ignored anyway, and maybe I can effectively get my hosting for free.

At the same time, I like to believe I am a man of principle, and I think advertising is bad. Putting ads on the side of this blog is the easy way out.

Yeah. I guess I’m going to remain ad-free. I don’t wanna join the legions of other people who are just whoring themselves out for advertising dollars. I am bigger than that.

(Besides, making a little money from ads is only a minor temporary solution of my larger spendthrift problem. If I eat in for lunch just 3 times in a month, I’ll cover my hosting costs. I don’t need advertisers to help me do that!)