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"Automating tests vs. test-automation"

  • This post brings up my suspicion that the terms "unit testing" and "integration testing" may be a bit harmful. I prefer to think of them as "single-layer testing" and "double-layer testing". (Maybe I’ll make a post about this concept in the future…?)

" TDD with Acceptance Tests and Unit Tests"

  • The best quote in this whole post: "Manual testing is immoral."
  • I like these delineations: Developers are responsible for writing unit tests and writing code to match the acceptance tests. QA is responsible for writing the acceptance tests, and exploratory testing. (As my current PM likes to say "A good QA tester has a shit-finger.")

"Welcome to the Shitty Code Support Group"

  • I linked to the same post that Ted is talking about: "Confessions of a Terrible Programmer"
  • Even in Java, I agree that Static Analysis tools (FindBugs, PMD and CPD, CheckStyle, JDepend, and JavaNCSS) are really useful. Though my management is not yet convinced, I find that paying attention to these reports gives me a great cross-project view of quality, and allows me to apply coding diligence to some of the code hot-spots.
  • I love Ted’s Declaration of Anti-Perfectionism: "I am human, therefore I make mistakes. If I make mistakes, then I cannot assume that I will write code that has no mistakes. If I cannot write code that has no mistakes, then I must assume that mistakes are rampant within the code. If mistakes are rampant within the code, then I must find them. But because I make mistakes, then I must also assume that I make mistakes trying to identify the mistakes in the code. Therefore, I will seek the best support I can find in helping me find the mistakes in my code."

"They Write the Right Stuff"

  • Coding for NASA. I really admire their quality, but I have tried to steer my career to avoid writing code that could kill someone.

"So Long Apple. The Party’s Over"

  • I thought I was going to upgrade to Leopard on my home machine, but I can’t risk Java5 getting broken.
  • (Besides, I already use offsite hosted SVN to back up my important stuff already. And TimeMachine was my biggest draw…)