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Geez, Reddit was a raft of apt articles today, dealing with several issues that are coming up in my daily life.

Whatever happened to code reviews?:

  • My answer: short-sighted-ness.
  • Another thing to think about when working in an environment where there are no code reviews: How are the developers going to grow? If I come in, and day-to-day just keep dropping the same code that I’ve been dropping, with no one challenging my skills, how am I going to get any better? My personal answer is that I spend out-of-work time pursuing "recreational programming" activities, however I realize that I am the exception to the rule. Most of my peers stagnate, frustrating my growth. And how can "management" ever hope to make any better products than what they’ve had in the past? The answer seems to be "churn": lose engineers and hope that your next hire will be better than the one departing.

The top 4 things you should never do to your users:

  • I shopped this one around my office for a bit, since we are definitely treading on at least 2 of these. And 100% of the responses were along the lines of "But there is a company benefit to it." This makes me ruminate on the difference between a "service organization" and other types of companies.

The 3 Levels of Programmers: The Good, The Bad, and the Lazy:

  • I believe I fall *firmly* into the middle tier, though I try to tread into the upper tier every once in a while.
  • I wish it wasn’t impolite to just run out of the room screaming when someone suggests a "lets-build-it-ourselves" approach.

Why Crunch Mode Doesn’t Work:

  • I think "crunch mode" and "incentive pay" are two concepts that should be discarded.

Maybe I’m just grouchy today, but I am struck by how many companies embrace short-term thinking, even though they purport to be thinking of long-term goals.