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Links - Groovy?!?

"Unadulterated Java is so groovy"

  • This side-by-side and step-by-step look at Groovy totally makes my mouth water. I’ve really been getting tired of all the boilerplate BS in Java, and Groovy looks to be the lightweight way to combat it!

"Groovy-power automated builds with Gant"

  • Since I’m looking into Groovy, why not look into Gant as well?!?
  • Java builds could DEFINITELY use some help!
  • One point of contention: the author says this several times: "Groovy has a steep learning curve for Java developers – meaning that we can actually pick it up quite quickly." (Mr. Author, you keep on using that phrase. I do not think it means what you think it means…)

"The Grinder, a Java Load Testing Framework"

  • Since I’m on an alternative-JVM language kick, why not consider The Grinder, which uses Jython?

"Making Agile Reviews Effective"

  • I know, I know… But since I’ve been on such a pro-Code Review kick lately, I thought I’d share an article that identifies some Code Review anti-patterns.