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Moving On

It is with both mixed feelings that I’d like to announce that I am leaving PlanetOut.

My Recent Past

I started at PlanetOut one year ago, ‘fresh off the turnip truck’ from Colorado. In that time, I have seen the Engineering organization perform an amazing transformation. The Engineering group used to be its own worst enemy, stuck in a waterfall process maintaining non-modular code that grew in fits and starts from its TCL beginnings to a fragile ecosystem commingling TCL with several different versions of Java. Now, the Engineering group is a highly-functioning Agile organization that is making great strides on re-engineering the entire website from the database on up.

I will be watching the website, looking forward to the summer release of the code that we’ve all worked so hard to deliver.

My New Future

I am overjoyed to announce that I will be joining the team at as a Senior Software Developer. The company is still pretty small and I’ll be working side-by-side with some of the founders, along with the mostly Senior-level engineering team. They do most of their work in Java which they use to deliver lots JavaScript and lots of Flex.

Widgetbox is about 22 months into their existence with good funding. Getting into the company at this point reminds me of Eclipse’s size when I first started my internship there in college. After working for companies in the hundreds of employees range for the last several years, it will be nice to get back to an environment where I’ll be able to interact with all my coworkers on a daily basis.