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Front-Line Learnings

Okay… I want to try to be a bit more open about what my day-to-day involves… So, I’m going to try to post little learnings I make throughout my job to this here blog.

Here’s a couple I’ve seen recently:

  • Primary Keys
    • Primary Keys should be numeric types. This ends up showing itself once you’ve got ~1 million rows joining with another ~1 million rows.
    • I haven’t proved this out with time metrics, but when I do I will try to share them.
  • IntelliJ IDEA
    • Yeah, I’ve heard all the fanatics rave about it, but as a long-time Eclipse user, I feel like I’m working through molasses. I know I’m only 1 week in really, and I expect my productivity to get better. I just hope it is soon!
  • Quartz Scheduler
    • This framework looks really cool for scheduling. I’m hoping I get to put my hands on it really soon.
  • Ehcache
    • Around here, Ehcache has a reputation for being the slowest (read: worst) distributed caching technology out there.
    • All I can tell you is their documentation is VERY yawn-inspiring.