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This past week, my friend Sarah Dopp posted the following on Twitter: "We all have this comic printed out and tacked to our walls: This is how I know I’m on a good team."

Here is the comic that she referenced:

I’ll come right out and say that Sarah has been quite a ‘social media’, ‘web two point oh’ leader for me, whom I admire quite a bit. Sarah has been walking the talk of providing a very transparent, open, and honest representation of herself online. It’s not marketing, it’s just yet another environment where Sarah is Sarah.

The above comic does a great job of distilling down a concept that I’ve been struggling with… How I represent myself online. Up until this point I have been ‘playing it safe’, especially where this blog is concerned. Offline, I try to present myself as honestly as possible, and many people get this when they first meet me, especially in a ‘professional’ context. But, somehow I allowed the permanence (and distribution) of 1’s and 0’s to scare me into hiding who I am. I’ve not even linked to any pictures of me, for fear of my non-traditional appearance might scare away employers.

But not any more! I’m going to use this blog post to share with you several of my other online efforts.

First, let’s start with a picture, in all my silly, pierced, and tattooed self. (This is the picture I sent to friends and family for the Holiday Season of 2007.) holidayNelz

Exotic Online Locales! :-)

When I was preparing for my departure from Colorado in February 2007, I decided to split my ‘professional’ personality from my ‘social’ personality online. I decided to go by the moniker of "TheBeast" in ‘fringe’ social activities, so that my ‘professional’ name would remain separate from my other activities.

I started two blogs, this one, and another at The blog was going to be ‘social’ blog, where I journaled my social integration into San Francisco. I was also going to use BeastOnline as a sex-positive voice. What I found was that I am very challenged by journaling and writing in general. And, to boot, the sex-positive community online is already filled with many fantastic bloggers who have skills and insights with whom I could never compete. So, got shuttered. (I just checked, and it never even made it to Google’s caches! Minuscule FAIL for the online big-brother, eh?) :-)

For the last several years, I had been watching Improv Everywhere with great interest and a burning desire to participate. So, when I got to San Francisco, I started a group called SFShenanigans, which is currently ‘on sabbatical’, but is likely to return to active status soon. (Though, I do continue to pursue other types of good-natured pranksterism…)

I currently post to Twitter under the username of @nelz9999. Personally, I haven’t yet figured out if Twitter is a benefit or a burden, a way to communicate openly or one of the worst types of navel-gazing, a popularity contest or a genuine community.

I (rarely) post pictures to Flickr under the user name of TheBeastInSF.

In my spare time, I help "sling some HTML" for the Burning Man website, and I also help out a little bit with the technical aspects for the the fashion website

Now as the coup de grace, to complete the revealing of myself, I submit to you a ValleyWag post: "Chadrick loves big hairy men in dresses". Yup, you’ll see that I am the mentioned ‘big hairy man in a dress’. (This picture of me was taken while I was participating in San Francisco’s 10th annual Brides of March event.)

Where It Goes From Here

So, after all this, you may wonder if this blog will now take after what the blog was going to be. The answer is "No." will continue to host my professional resume and technology blog. Though going forward I may be less shy about posting pertinent photos of myself, or making small references to some of my free-time activities.

Hooray for transparency!

Update - 2008-04-19: I have created a new blog as a place for me to post my random, non-techy stuff: