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Ok… I’ve got a backlog of tech-ish tidbits to write about… Time to cleanse the salvos, eh?

Roller restart

I use Roller software to publish this blog. Last week I had to take down the application server (Tomcat), and when I brought it back up, Google Reader said that I had published every single post again that day. This sounds like a bug to me, but I’m asking up the chain starting with the Roller users’ mailing list.

CLI Theme for WordPress

As I said above, I use Roller as my blogging tool. However, if I were running WordPress, I would run the fun "CLI Theme" as published by Rod McFarland and demonstrated on his site (All the programming geeks I showed this theme to loved it!)

Text Ads

So, I think I’ve ranted about this before, but I don’t use this site to make any money. I basically use it just as a public journal of my travels through the digital and technical landscapes.

The other day I got an email offer from someone who wants to place text link ads on my blog. The email was suspiciously form-letter-ish, and I KNOW they weren’t actually reading my blog because they said they were "enthralled" while reading it.

Even if I did sell out, I wouldn’t make much money at all, because I KNOW I get very little traffic. I’ve seen my stats (heck, you can too:, and I’m sure that besides all the spiders, I am my own biggest consumer.

Though, this email did encourage me to re-set up my Google Analytics on this blog which I lost when I changed themes a couple of weeks ago. So, now I am watching my traffic. To those 4 or 5 of you who actually read this blog on a regular basis: Thank you! :-)

Netgear Router WGR614 v7 = FAIL!

No, my apartment is not all that big. But, having one less hard-line connection to my laptop is a nice convenience. This is why I bought a wireless router. Well, I can tell you that this router is SHYTE!

I had it running for only about a week before it started going flaky on me. It would drop, come back up, block my traffic, fail, drop, come back up, and just generally work intermittently. Most of the time, I could move my laptop closer and plug in to a hard-line and it worked swimmingly. So, as a NON-wireless router, this wireless router works pretty well, I guess.

I had originally set it up as an open hotspot. (I was convinced to do this by Bruce Schneier in his "Steal This Wi-Fi" post.) When the flakiness hit, I then turned up the security, only allowing my laptop’s MAC address connect, but it still couldn’t handle the load.

If I were a receipt-saver, I might try to get a refund, but I’m not so I’ll just wait until I get pissed off enough to replace the damned thing. The word on the street is that I should buy myself a nice Linksys.