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First, let me make the following announcement:’s new homepage was released today!

Now, I have a confession to make… I realized that this is the first time in my (paid) career that I’ve had any code of mine out and in the wild for public consumption.

I’ve had side project code get released (like here or here or here), but never anything that I’ve worked on ‘professionally’.

My pre-Web work at Eclipse Inc was a large application that you interacted with via (mostly) dumb terminals, with a whopping 24 X 80 character resolution. It was a hard-goods distribution application, which my grandmother would have no hope of ever accessing.

At ICAT, it was all web applications though they weren’t for public consumption, just for internal or partner usage.

At PlanetOut/ we were rewriting My code there will be released into the wild soon, but it isn’t scheduled to happen for at least another month or two.

So, this leaves Widgetbox. I got to write some of the code facilitating the different modules on the home page, such as the "Hidden Gems" or "New and Notable" or "Hottest Widgets".

It’s pretty cool, because I think my Widgetbox stuff could pass the "Grandmother Test".