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Blogging Works for Me!

I understand how a lot of people are opposed to personal blogging as an exercise in navel-gazing. But I am here to tell you that it works for me!

I have never been a journaler, because it also felt very navel-gazey to me. Writing on paper would be futile as I would lose the paper. "Engineers notebooks" are close, but when I tried that path, I felt I need automated searching capabilities to find things.

In regards to an online blog, with the possibility of my musings helping others I feel much more motivated to actually post. And, the secondary benefit is that I have an online repository of my own ideas. No less than 3 times in the last week have I been able to refer to one of my own previous blog posts as an aid for either work or community.

Blogging can be bad, no doubt about it… But, in some instances it can be really beneficial!