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Cleansing of the Email

One of the ways that I keep myself organized is by sending myself emails in GMail… I usually put links to things I want to look at later, and since I’m now doing a cleansing of my "note to self" emails, you get to benefit! :–)

Mockito - The New Mock Framework on the Block:

  • I haven’t used it (yet), but the whole Test Spy concept (as being a half-way point between stubs and mocks) is very interesting
  • I’m actually going to forward this around work a bit to see if this is easier for people to swallow, because EasyMock is being choked on (because it’s so heavy) by some of our developers.
  • Here’s the home page for Mockito


  • I haven’t been doing a lot of front-end work lately, but this article on Wikipedia discusses a pattern that we were sorely lacking at my last gig.

The capture-recapture code inspection:

  • I haven’t yet found the right set of words to convince an employer that systemic organization-wide code reviews are a Good Thing, but I’d like to submit this article as another point of reference in the code-review effort.

Ajax testing with Selenium using waitForCondition:

  • Here’s a helpful bit about using Selenium to test AJAX apps

Tom Brady on Software Management:

  • I gotta say that one of the most powerful ways of showing me that my efforts are needed is when my employer seems thirsty for my code. At my current job, I put in a weekend working on a pet, side-ish project… And when I got back the next week, it was already planned to get used. That is the kind of substantive feedback (more than talk) that makes me feel needed and appreciated.

Urgency is poisonous:

  • Interesting… Now that I am working in a startup, it seems like we are always just on the edge of being late or behind the curve. I wonder what a 4-day work week would look like, considering I usually do about 5.5 or more work days a week…

Use your singletons wisely:

  • This is really good advice.
  • I think it’s funny, but I’ve had fewer and fewer inclinations to create a Singleton since I’ve been getting so involved with Spring.

JSONVid: Pure JavaScript Video Player:

  • Ooh! An alternative to Flash for video in a browser?!? It’d be nice, wouldn’t it?