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Gawd Damn Spam

So, I go to check some traffic stats on one of my silly sites, and I find some wierd referrers:

Both of the the referrers (like “forexmarket”) just resolves to this URL “”.

It’s just a stupid banner page with a big GIF built to look like an actual web page.

What the fuck is the point? Yah, I was interested enough to investigate it, but only forensically… There is no way I would ever do any business with this place.

The other thing that frustrates me is that let the redirect through, even though they know it’s a spammy thing. (A couple of weeks ago when I first found these types of referrers, I tried to follow the link, but warned me about not-above-board behavior of the link. Why no longer?)

Also, the landing page is using Google Analytics. Does this mean all the good tools that those of us who aren’t devil-spawn are being used by they outright shitheads? I guess I know the answer, even if it does hit me right in my idealism. :–(