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Occupation Scholarship

Occupy Wall Street Last night I had an idea. I want to support the Occupy Wall Street movement, but I don’t have the time to actually fly out to NYC to sit with everyone. But, I do have enough discretionary cash around that I could buy the flight. Why not find someone (or several someones) how is either flexibly- or un-employed, and I can send them to represent both their voices as well as mine?

I went about casting a net on my Twitter account, and I already have two potential occupiers lined up. But, from that post I also received encouragement to scale this up and accept donations.

I’ve never done this before, but I signed up for an account on WePay. I am now accepting donations if anyone wants to add their support sending people to sit with the #OWS movement.

This blog post serves as a way of providing the social proof of who is behind the donation page. If you donate and you don’t like how your money got spent, I am the guy you’re going to come talk to.

So, if you want to help have your voice, as a part of the 99%, to be heard but you don’t have the time to spare, please consider donating.